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C3 Guest Lecture Series

Control of Transients in Large Newtonian Networks
Peter Veerman
PhD, 1986, Cornell University. Currently Professor of Mathematics at Portland State University. Peter Veerman has held positions in Brazil, Spain, and New York before coming to Portland State University. His specialty is Dynamical Systems.
We investigate synchronization in a large network of locally coupled linear oscillators (that can model cars, animals in flocks, etc). Even when such systems are stable, the transient response of the networks when one member is `kicked' may very well be exponentially large (in the number of agents). This renders such models unsuitable for modeling traffic, movement of flocks and so forth. We develop the notion of `flock-stability' to study this phenomenon. We apply this to a linear network to study dense traffic on a highway. Among other things we derive the well-known stop-and-go movement of cars in this situation.
November 16, 2012
234 Larsen

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