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ECE Seminar Series 2013 Power Lecture

Power Systems Overview
Michael J. Wright
Michael J. Wright is President and a Principal of Power Grid Engineering, LLC.  Michael graduated from the University of Florida where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1998 and received his MBA from Rollins College in 2004. Upon graduation from the University of Florida, Michael accepted a job with Florida Power Corporation (now Progress Energy) and worked his way up to being a Lead Engineer overseeing all of the design functions in the P&C Engineering department until 2007, when he left to start Power Grid Engineering, LLC with his two partners and friends, Andre and Glenn.  As President of Power Grid Engineering, Michael led his company with the support of his partners to grow their engineering firm from working from their homes with one client to a major engineering force in the Southeast United States.  PGE now supports 6 Fortune 500 electric utilities, providing a full complement of engineering services, testing & commissioning services, and substation construction services with over 85 employees in 3 offices.  Michael is a registered Professional Engineer in 10 states.  He and his lovely wife Heather live in Sanford, FL with their 3 children, Mia, Monty, and Jack.


This talk will discuss the basics of how a power system works starting with a power system overview then focusing on such topics as power plants, substations, and engineering. This talk will then give a synopsis of the types of careers available in the power industry including salary expectations. The presenter will then tell his personal story of how he entered the power industry right out of college up to his position now as president of an engineering firm supporting the power industry. Some focus would be issues in the power industry and how they need to be addressed moving forward.
February 7, 2013
1:00pm- 2:00pm
234 Larsen

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