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1st Workshop on Cognition and Control

February 21-23, 2013

The purpose of this meeting is to educate each other and the public, and to engage in discussion related to topics in control and cognition (which includes information theory and statistical learning).   The conference schedule is organized to leave lots of time for discussion. 


Thursday, February 21st:
  • Muriel Medard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Network Coding-a rapid tutorial.
  • Ramon Van Handel, Princeton University. Nonlinear Filters.  

Friday, February 22nd:

  • Robert Bonneau, AFOSR. Opening Remarks.  
  • Michelle Effros, Caltech, On communication, control, and the cost of separation.  
  • Max Raginsky, UIUC, The Limits of Control-an information-theoretic viewpoint.  
  • Ramon van Handel, Princeton University, Can local particle filters beat the curse of dimensionality. 
  • Prashant Mehta, UIUC, Bayesian interference with coupled oscillator models.
  • Todd Coleman, UCSD, Reliable message point feedback communication via optimal transport, and applications for brain-machine interfaces.  
  • Tara Javidi, UCSD, Information acquisition and utilization problems.  
  • Rajesh Sundaresan, IISc Bangalore, Some results and challenges in applying active sequential hypothesis testing to a visual search problem.  

Saturday,February 23rd:

  • Vivek Borkar, IIT Mumbai, Relative value for ergodic control of diffusions.  
  • Enlu Zhou, UIUC, Information relaxation & duality in controlled Markov diffusions.  
  • Kenneth Duffy, Hamilton Institute, Brute force searching, the typical set and Guesswork.
  • Ioannis Kontoyiannis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Bayesian model selection and interference for discrete time series.
  • Muriel Medard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Joint source, channel and network coding- a simple ad-hoc approach inspired from compressive sensing.  


Guide to Lecture Halls

UF Campus Map
Larsen Hall (Thursday morning and Saturday)
MCCA (Thursday afternoon)
Reitz Union (Friday)


Hampton Inn Gainesville 352-371-4171
Hilton University of Florida Conference Center 352-371-3600
Holiday Inn, University 352-376-1661

Sean Meyn Muriel Medard


The National Science Foundation Air Force Office of Scienctific Research    

Deptartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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