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4th Workshop on Cognition and Control

4th Workshop on Cognition and Control

January 15 & 16, 2016    University of Florida

The purpose of this meeting is the same as the previous C^3 workshops: To educate each other and the public, and to engage in discussion related to topics in control and cognition (which includes information theory and statistical learning).   The conference schedule is organized to leave lots of time for discussion. 

Talks span from foundations to practice of control, communications, and statistics

Seating is limited - please contact Marcy Lee, email: to pre-register.
Links below for video  and slides  when available.

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Matthieu Bloch, Georgia Tech

Covert Communication over Noisy Channels: towards stealth networks

Ana Bušić, Inria

Virtual Energy Storage through Distributed Control of Flexible Loads

Ken Duffy, Hamilton Insitute 

How to shuffle and pick from a deck of cards when your deck of cards is a piece of DNA

Ali Jadbabaie, U Penn   

(Postponed to 2017!)

Kamran Mohseni, UF
Observable Divergence and Curl Theorems: A Regularization Technique for Classical Field Theories. 

Eric Moulines, École Polytechnique

How to sample efficiently over high-dimensional space ?

Muriel Medard, MIT

Limits of inference

Prashant Mehta and 
Amirhossein Taghvaei, UIUC

Poisson equation in learning and classification

Max RaginskyUIUC  

Information-theoretic lower bounds for distributed function computation

Christopher Rose, Rutgers

THz Wireless, undulating surfaces, and disco balls

Edmund Yeh, Northeastern

Throughput and Delay Characteristics of Content-centric Wireless Networks




Hampton Inn Gainesville 352-371-4171
Hilton University of Florida Conference Center 352-371-3600
Holiday Inn, University 352-376-1661


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