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2nd Interdisciplinary Workshop on Smart Grid Design & Implementation

March 28 - 29, 2014

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
and the
Warrington College of Business Administration 

University of Florida

Schedule of Events

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The goal of the workshop is to examine how best to maximize the contribution of renewable energy and a "smart grid" to realize a sustainable energy future  

We will draw upon the combined wisdom and collaboration of engineers, economists, and policymakers to explore the technological challenges, the challenges associated with informing and motivating consumers, and the challenge of ensuring the financial integrity of industry producers.

This is a sequel to a conference of the same name, held in 2012 -  LINK



Registration is free - deadline Tuesday, March 25  (send email to Marcy Lee)


Among the questions to be addressed

  • Natural gas is cheap today, so we are witnessing huge investments in associated technologies, along side rapid retirement of coal plants. Should adoption of renewable energy be abandonded or accelerated?

  • Wind and solar energy introduce volatility into the grid. What is the cost of this volatility? How can this cost be reduced through engineering; in particular, control design? How much control and infrastructure is needed to deal with these costs, and who should pay for it?

  • What is the capacity and value of flexibility in demand in residential and commercial buildings? Recent studies show that the capacity is substantial - how then do we harness this vast resource? How do we achieve acceptance from consumers? How do we balance possibly competing desires for power system reliability, economic efficiency, privacy,...? 

  • How should government policy in the energy sector be put to the best use?




  • Jean-Yves Le Boudec - EPFL Lausanne 
  • Chris Dent - Durham University
  • Alfredo Garcia - University of Virginia
  • Ian Hiskens - Michigan
  • John Ledyard - CalTech
  • Shie Mannor - Technion
  • Karl McDermott - UIS
  • Michael Pollitt - Cambridge 
  • Yves Smeers - Louvain


  • Xavier Brossat - EDF Paris
  • Patrick Gannon - S-G Interoperability
  • Buck Martinez - FP&L
  • John D. McDonald - GE Energy Management
  • Tariq Samad - Honeywell
  • Raiford Smith - Duke Energy
  • Jeff Taft - PNNL

Co-organized by Sean Meyn & David Sappington (UF), Paul de Martini (NCG)


Venue:   126 Gerson Hall  (see Schedule of Events)





A greener future?     

Around the world in a solar airplane

A greener future?   

Solar in Gainesville.  With a population of only just over 124,000, the city ranks among the top places for solar per capita, and in 2012, beat out France, China, and Japan in kilowatt-hours per thousand people










Manatee at Manatee Springs



Manatee Springs - One of many natural attractions near Gainesville



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