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Meet the Lab

 C3   Laboratory for Cognition & Control in Complex Systems

Control is deep and multi-disiplinary field. In this lab, emphasis is placed on issues surrounding design and operations in complex systems. Applications range from data centers to neuro-biology; smart buildings to adaptive sensor networks; too infinity and beyond!

C3 is located in room 484 in the New Engineering Building at the University of Florida; see the contact page for a map with directions.


Director's Message

A brief biographical sketch.  My research over the past 20+ years at the University of Illinois has concerned control of complex systems in various forms, along with related topics in information theory and reinforcement learning.  Sustainable energy has been a focus of my research since 2000, soon after the energy crisis in California. See my [bio] for details on my career.  

How did I find myself in Florida?  Early in 2011, I took a trip to the University of Florida to visit colleagues here.  It was my first visit, and I was amazed at what I saw – the natural beauty in North Florida includes natural springs that pump out millions of gallons of clear fresh water each day;  the Gulf Coast is full of dolphins and manatees, along with oyster bars; the Atlantic Coast looks like the Santa Monica beach where I grew up.

I learned about the various Florida initiatives to reduce our reliance on traditional sources of energy, to create a sustainable future.  I also discovered many academic heroes at the University of Florida – Until last year I was ignorant of many of the academic riches in Gainesville.

Following interactions with Dean Cammy Abernathy, Prof. John Harris, and other faculty here, I was convinced that Gainesville would be an ideal new home for my family and myself.  The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offered a chaired position here, and support to create a Laboratory for Cognition and Control.   I soon accepted the offer.

The laboratory is under construction now – students are moving in, seminar series and workshops are in the works, and new collaborations are being formed.  It is an exciting time!   


                                                            -Sean Meyn                          

                                                                            Gainesville   July, 2012


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